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Listed Buildings

Listed or graded buildings must obtain special permission from local planning authority to be structurally altered or extended in any way. So when treating a listed building for damp there are a set of specific requirements that must be considered before getting approval for use. Chemically injected DPC are generally not permitted so alternative methods need to be explored.

listed buildings

What we can do for you?

Our team has treated many listed buildings successfully and with full approval from the many authorities that control and govern listed buildings through out the UK. When diagnosing and treating a listed building Dry Waterproofing will adopt tried and tested techniques that are both new and old.

The chosen specification will be bespoke to each individual building ensuring that that the most basic of considerations are included, such as: movement and breathability, sympathetic and non damaging so not to induce any further stress or strain on the building.

One of the most important considerations – the ability to get back to the structures original features in the future, this is achieved by having a fully reversible system.

You can trust Dry Waterproofing to find the best solution for your special property to keep it dry, comply with the unique regulations and maintain the historical value your building holds.

We note that some damp proofing can be undertaken without planning permission – speak to our experts to see if this applies to your project.