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damp proof membrane

Damp Proof Membrane

Damp proofing is required when there is no earth up against your walls, so there is no risk of free water penetration.

The membranes we use work as a bandage between the damp affected wall and your internal finishes. It’s unique design provides a full physical barrier that prevents ground water salts and other contaminates within the wall affecting your internal finish.

The advantage of installing a damp proof membrane is that in the majority of circumstances it can be applied without having to remove the existing internal renders causing minimal disturbance to the substrate and to you, the client.

The other clever thing about this barrier is that is also allows for natural evaporation within its cavity, further keeping your structure snug and dry while prolonging the life of your internal finish.

We are experts at providing a complete damp proofing system that will make your home feel fresh again. We can design from drawings or pop-round and carry out a survey from which we can provide a detailed specification. We will also take the time to discuss all recommendations and costing with you.